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Welcome to Jojoza Hanna

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Aloha and welcome! My name is Johanna and I started this blog on 12/28/18 as a landing place for all the things I love to do: Making YouTube videos about planners, DIY tutorials, and items listed in my Etsy Shop. In a few short months, I’ve grown my YouTube channel to 100 subscribers. It’s a tiny milestone, but one moving in the right direction.

I also plan on blogging about my struggles with my Etsy shops. I have two shops that I started November 2017 and although one has done very modest sales, the other has had none.

My hopes for this blog is to document my journey with shops, my YouTube channel, my other social media and sometimes, life in general.

I want 2019 to be full of milestones, positivity, and growth. Join me and we can discover this path together!


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