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Converting a Vertical Layout to the Supermom Dashboard layout in a Happy Planner

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As I might have mentioned once before (or a million times), I’m new to the planning community. I picked up my big happy planner in October 2018 and decided to dive right in. And to document my journey, I started filming the process and uploading videos on YouTube.

A few weeks into it, I watched a video on YouTube by Tarchelle B. and it completely changed the game for me. My #happyplanner is in the vertical layout and I definitely thought it would be useful. But Tarchelle B. had challenged herself to turn her vertical layout into the new #supermom #dashboard layout. At first, I merely attempted it myself to see if I could turn my vertical layout into the dashboard layout without using the big colorful boxes that she used in her video for fun.

However, it has quickly become my favorite style/method of working my business and social media planner. I love the functionality of it. And since 1) I’m not a mom and 2) I don’t have access to the ready made dash board layout, I think this is the perfect solution. Although I showed how to do this in my very first set-up, I thought I’d devote an entire video on the process. I honestly don’t think I could go back to the vertical layout since there seems to be too many boxes and yet paradoxically, not enough.

Check out my video on YouTube:

Here’s Tarchelle’s video that inspired me:

Materials that I used:

Happy Planner Big – vertical layout

Bic Wite-Out Correction Pen:

Sakura Gelly Roll 08 White Pen:

Tombow Mono Correction Tape:

Sharpie Pen in Black:


Measurements of date boxes: 2 5/8 from the far left side line and 2 5/8 from the far right size line. The middle box is slightly smaller.

If you have any questions, definitely shoot me a comment here (I’m fairly new but I’m pretty sure that is a thing) or you can leave me a comment in the video of this. I’m a work in progress when it comes to Blogging and YouTube and I hope you’ll come with me on the journey!



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