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DIY Tutorial: Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook Style Cover (fits mini rings)

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I love bullet journals. I love how you can customize them to fit your needs. I love the freedom of bullet journals. However, I hate doing monthly and weekly spreads. I know that some find that task enjoyable and almost zen, but for me it’s tedious and discouraging. For the latter part of 2017 and most of 2018, I dealt with that by NOT doing a monthly or weekly spread. That didn’t work for me.

In October 2018, I picked up my first Happy Planner (Big). I fell in love with the ability to customize it and the beauty of NOT having to sketch out the monthly and weekly layouts cannot be overstated. However, the size of my original Happy Planner was not conducive to portability and there’s just information that I need to carry with me on a daily basis. I decided to pick up the Mini Happy Planner and found one in a Walmart nearby.

However, that posed some problems as well. I worried that the rings would crack or pages would fall off if I threw it in my purse. Since I already make Traveler’s Notebooks for my Etsy Shop, it was easy for me to reconfigure that design. I came up with this Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook cover as a solution for that problem and I’m loving it. This tutorial is for the Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook Cover (Mini rings). I will be doing follow-up tutorial for the Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook Cover (classic rings). I think I might be able to do a Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook cover (expander rings) but I need to test that out. I also will be doing a DIY on the laminated coordinating dashboards that I create.

Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook Cover (mini Rings)

Paper Measurements:

  • One piece of 8 inch by 12 inch card-stock or scrapbook paper
  • One piece of 4 inch by 7 7/8 inch paper

Supplies Needed:

  • One piece of 12 inch x 12 inch card-stock or scrapbook paper (heavier weight is preferred. If you want your inside cover to be decorated, I would recommend a double-sided paper.
  • Legal Size Laminating Sheet: 9 inches x 14.5 inches (I used the Scotch Brand 3mm Legal Size pouch but I will be testing the 5mm pouch to see how that works. I wouldn’t recommend the 10mm pouch as it could be too rigid to bend properly):


Check out my YouTube video for the how-to and consider subscribing to my YouTube channel.

I’m new to Happy Planning, YouTube videos, and blogging so I hope you’ll join me on my journey!!






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