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February 2019 Challenge

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Having several planners that I work out of, I sometimes struggle with what to do with the Monthly overview.  I don’t really use it but I feel like I waste the space by not using it.  And if I fill it up with stickers, I feel like I’m wasting stickers.

I’ve seen others do monthly challenges and I thought that I would challenge myself by not only participating in one, but creating one myself.  Although I’m not in a relationship, I think that February can be a great month to focus on love.  Self-love and self-care are something I’m striving to be more mindful of so why not do a “Love is….” challenge.  The words listed below aren’t inherently about romantic love and that’s okay.  Link to a pdf of the list is below.

Although I plan to use this in my monthly overview box for each day, you can certainly use this in a bullet journal as well.  My plan is to write each word in the corresponding box and maybe even practice some lettering.  You could decide to use it in your weekly spread and use it as a journal prompt.  You could do a visual of each word and what it means to you.

Most importantly, this is supposed to be fun and interesting.  A way for you to think of the variances and nuances of love and how that can mean different things.  Enjoy the activity.  If some days you miss, don’t stress out.  Just have fun!

In my Instagram post, I have the instructions on how to participate… I’d love to see your posts and hope that you join me.  And one of my goals this year is to create one of these each month so if you have any suggestions on lists or challenges you’d like to see in the future, definitely leave me a comment on my Instagram account.

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