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Cash Envelopes Transaction Log + Free Printable

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Cash Envelopes Transaction Log

Budget Journey

2019 is my year to tackle a whole bunch of things that I’ve put to the wayside.  My health and wellness, my Etsy Shops, Social Media projects, and (YIKES) my budget.  I’ve always paid my bills on time, but because I have so much debt, didn’t think I’d ever get out of it.

But with encouragement from new friends I’ve made on YouTube, I started my budgeting journey.  I’ve been inspired to follow the Dave Ramsey method (I’ll post another article about that soon) and have moved to a cash envelope system (or my version at least).  While fairly new at it, I can certainly see the benefits.

Rough Spots

Although there have been some rough spots with the process of budgeting (and so much the numbers, per se) was so overwhelming and frustrating that I ended up in tears, I’m learning how to better manage my money.  Also, I’m more cautious with my money as I don’t want to spend all my cash.  That could be part of the learning process too as I don’t want to treat this like a fad diet where I ‘starve’ myself (of spending money) now only to ‘gorge’ (on spending money) later.

Debt payoff plan

Part of my plan to tackle my debt more aggressively is to really focus on my Etsy shops.  Right now, I’m more focused on because that shop has the most sales and isn’t as time consuming to make products as is because it’s a crochet based shop.  At some point, I may need to stop my crochet shop and just focus on the Jojo shop.  But that’s a problem for another day.

Cash Dividers/Cash Envelopes

In my own debt free journey, I’m using cash dividers instead of cash envelopes because my current wallet wouldn’t fit envelopes.  And since it’s fairly new AND I’m trying to be more budget conscious, I didn’t want to buy a new one.  However, I thought it might be a fun project to make traditional laminated cash envelopes.  And because I had the material on hand, I even made them with a flap that closes with Velcro.

Transaction Log

As I will be listing some cash envelopes in my shop very soon, I wanted to create a blog post that had a free link to the transaction log that I use with my own dividers.  As you can see from the videos, I just washi tape them to the back of my cash divider.  However, these fit neatly inside the envelopes and are easy to use.  Even if you haven’t purchased my cash envelopes, please feel free to  use the transaction log (and if you wanted to make it extra fun, print it on colored paper!).

Free PDF Cash Envelope Transaction Log:

Cash Envelope transaction log_jojozahanna


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