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Online Income Tracker + Free Printable

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Budgeting Amateur

Let me start this post by saying that I am not a financial adviser and all of my posts regarding budget related items are based on my own experience.  I document my journey (which is sometimes a bit rough) online to hold myself accountable but also in the hopes that it might help someone else in a similar situation. I’m nearly 47 and do not have my finances under control. In fact, if you’ve seen any of my budget videos, more often than not it seems like my finances are controlling me.

Since I’m new to tracking my income and expenses every month, I like to create templates for myself that keep me focused. The templates are usually an amalgamation of different systems I’ve seen others use on YouTube that I think might work for me. I get a lot of good ideas on how-to budget from videos I watch on YouTube but sometimes it can be information overload. Other times, I forget how things were broken down or set-up and get frustrated trying to recreate something from memory. My templates help me focus on what it is that I want to track and are easily accessible.

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Online Income Tracker

I’ve had my Etsy shops since late 2017.  Neither have been profitable, but I’m hoping that more exposure on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and my blog will turn that around.  In my budget videos I’ve mentioned that while I do not feel comfortable sharing my regular, full-time income, I’m okay sharing my online income.  My mindset is that because I believe my online presence directly impacts my online income, it only seems fair to share that information.  However, because my online income is so sporadic, I never really factored it in as a viable income stream.
Even though I’ve had my shops since 2017, for all of 2018, it’s been rather slow going.  I know that I should advertise more on Instagram and Facebook, but I only do that sporadically.  In 2018, I made about $400. in sales (all from my Jojopapercrafts shop).  However, for 2019, I’ve already made $400 in sales and we’re only in May !  In fact, I had over $200 in sales for April 2019 alone.  It was because of the April online income that I thought I should start tracking and utilizing my online income.

Variable Income

My online income is highly variable and cannot be counted on from month to month.  But as I’ve mentioned, I’m hoping that more exposure through various social media channels will increase views (and corresponding sales) through my Etsy shop.  I’m hoping it will increase subscribers to my YouTube channel.  And I am hoping it increase views and interest through my blog. The free printables that I make and put up on my blog are a resource that I hope helps you on your own financial journey.  Since I enjoy drawing them out, I use them as a template in my DIY Budget Planner.  Although not pretty, they are very functional (if you click on the free printables tab at the top, it’ll take you to all the post that include one) and can be printed, punched, and used right away. SCROLL BELOW FOR FREE PDF PRINTABLE!

FREE Online/Side Income Printable Online Income.Expense Tracker

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