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Savings and Goals Tracker + Free Printable

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Goal Setting

I haven’t been the best at setting goals.  Actually, I’m kind of horrible at them.  I think it’s based on fear of not living up to my goals and the notion that I’d be doubly a failure.  So I don’t set them.  Or I make them so vague that it’s easy to accomplish.  Or I make them so specific that I already know that I can meet them.  However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t strive to set better goals.  I think for me, it helps if I can set goals but also have small wins as I progress through them.  I once read somewhere it’s like the Angry Birds or Pokemon Go mentality, the more you win (even if it’s small) the more you want to continue to win.

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Small Wins

I think most people think of small wins as a tangible prize or treat. Although that can be true, I’m of the firm belief that a small win can also be something that isn’t bought or purchased. Especially if you are setting financial goals (savings, debt payoff, etc), you may not want to fix a dollar amount or monetary gift to your goal. Like checking off a completed task, coloring in a template and working your way to the goal can give satisfaction.  In an article from Harvard Business Review, the authors also indicate that small wins can be very productive in achieving a larger goal.  Harvard Business Review: The Power of Small Wins

Goal Trackers

I created these goal trackers to help you map out and chart your progress towards your goals.  Whether you set a savings goal, debt payoff goal, or other type of goal, these will help you visually give you those much need small wins.  Although they work perfectly as a 8.5 inch x 11 inch printable, they are sized to also be cut down and fit in a classic Happy Planner (7 inches x 9.25 inches) without having to scale the form.

Savings Mason Jar Tracker Free Printable: Mason jar_Savings Goal

Debt Payoff Mason Jar Tracker Free Printable:  Mason Jar_Debt Payoff

Goals Mason Jar Tracker Free Printable: Mason Jar_Goal tracker

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