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DIY Happy Planner Half Note Folder: Two Styles

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Happy Planner Half Notes Folder

Happy Planner currently makes folders for their Mini, Classic, and Big size systems.  However, Happy Planner does not currently have a folder made for the Half Sheet Happy Notes.  Many people that I’ve seen on YouTube and Instagram have cut down a classic size folder and use that.  With the limited access to Happy Planner items in Hawaii, I don’t have any extra folders that I feel comfortable cutting.

Instead, as I like to do, I’ve come up with several methods on how to make your own.  Because I know some people do not have access to a laminator, the tutorial for the folder can be made with or without one.  I’ve included the materials needed below as well as the measurements to make your own Happy Planner Half Notes Folder.  One style shown makes a ‘hidden’ pocket in the center of the folder.  The other style shown makes a ‘hidden’ yet functional dashboard.

Materials Needed:

  • 12 x 12 inch scrapbook paper**
  • Cutting tool or scissors
  • Punch tool (mentioned in the video and pros/cons for each: single hole punch, happy planner punch, arc punch)

Optional Materials:

    • Scoring board
    • Laminator
    • Laminating Sheets
    • Corner Chomper
    • Clear packing tape or clear contact paper
    • Washi Tape

** As mentioned in the video, the weight of the paper should be taken into account when making your project.

  • If you will not be laminating the folder, a heavier weight of paper would be recommended to make the folder sturdier.  Running washi along the edge that will be punched will also help with making your folder sturdier.
  • If you will be laminating your folder, then you’ll want to take into consideration the weight of the paper and the weight of the laminating sheet.  Depending on the hole punching method you use/have, you may want to use lighter weight material.  Ultimately, choose the material that works best for your needs and with your available tools.


Finished folder will be 9inches tall by 4.125 inches high.

Cut your 12 x 12 inch paper to 12 inch by 8.5 inches.  Fold up (using your scoring tool if available) so that your 12 inch side measures 9 inches with a 3 inch pocket. Then, fold the project in half.


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