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20+ Ideas/Ways to use your Happy Planner Notebooks

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Happy Planner Happy Notes

I might have mentioned once, or twice, or a hundred times that I love stationary.  Back to school season (even though I’m not in school, a teacher, or have children in school) is one of my favorite seasons.  All of the pens, paper, markers, and notebooks!  It’s a stationary nerd’s paradise.

On top of my regular obsession with all things stationary, I have been even more OBSESSED with the Happy Planner Happy Note Notebooks.  I love the functionality of the disc system coupled with great quality paper.  Add in dot grid (my favorite type of note paper) and it’s my catnip – I just cannot get enough.  However, if you’re like me, you may have made or bought tons of happy notes in the difference sizes but have no idea what to use them for.  In my video, I show a variety of sizes of Happy Planner notebooks and suggest ideas on how to use them.  And, although my list (and video) center around Happy Planner Notebooks, these are ideas that can be incorporated into any notebook system!

20+ Ideas/Ways to Use your Happy Planner Notebooks

      1. Practice Lettering
      2. Video Notes
      3. Washi Sampler
      4. Layout Ideas
      5. Pen Tests
      6. Flash card system
      7. Hobonichi Techo Daily Calendar (Happynichi Midi)
      8. Storage/Back-up layouts
      9. Watercolor/Art Journal
      10. Commonplace Book/Journal
      11. DIY Budget System
      12. Recipe Book
      13. Happynichi/Fauxbonichi Planner system
      14. Social Media and Business Planner
      15. Trackers
      16. Brainstorming Ideas Book
      17. Address/Important Information book
      18. Doodling
      19. Movie quotes/Poems Journal
      20. As seen in videos journal…
      21. Notebook

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