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DIY Happy Planner Dashboard Layout |Collab with Shary for #FreshStartNewPlanner series

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Happy Planner 2020 Release

Although I haven’t seen any sneak peaks on YouTube or Instagram, I’m fairly confident that within the next few weeks, we’ll see all the new January – December 2020 Planners and corresponding sticker books.  And the frenzy will begin.  But for those who are either new to Happy Planner or just looking for a fresh start, I’m hoping that this collab with Shary will be beneficial to you.

Fresh Start

I started my own Happy Planner journey last October 2018 and I remember seeing the frenzy of all the new shiny things.  Although quickly enamored of all the new shiny, it was also really intimidating as well.  At the time, the only layout options (that I was aware of) were the horizontal and the vertical.  Around that time, Happy Planner released the Super Mom/Dashboard Layout and eventually that was the layout I used in my big Happy Planner.

Each week Shary and I will be mirroring each other by way of layouts.  Shary will be doing layout spreads in her pre-made planners while I’ll be doing the DIY versions.  That way, depending if you have the planner systems or are interested in them, we’ve got you covered.

Dot Grid Dimensions for Monthly Overview (Classic Happy Planner)

Total of 4 columns each page.  One column will be an open section while the other seven will be for each day/week of the month.

  • each box is 10 dots square of a 1 1/2 inch square.
  • The classic Happy Notes is 55 dots high and 39 dots wide

Dot Grid Dimensions for DIY Dashboard Layout (Classic Happy Planner)

Left Side (Tasks sections) – 4 medium boxes with a large box at the bottom

  • 15 dots or 2 1/2 inches high by
  • 20 dots or 3 3/16 inches wide for the 4 medium boxes

Right Side (Weekly Overview) – 8 even small/medium boxes

  • 13 dots or 2 3/16 inches high by
  • 20 dots or 3 3/16 inches wide will give you 8 even boxes


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