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Easy Lettering/Workbook hack in a Happy Planner

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Book bound Systems

Lately, I’ve come to realize that not only do I love the style and quality of Happy Planner products, I LOVE the functionality.  More and more, if it isn’t on the disc bound system, it isn’t for me.  I love being able to take pages in and out of my Happy Planner system.

Easy Workbook Hack in a Happy Planner

Although it takes a little bit of work to do, I think I’ve come across the perfect solution to using my hand lettering workbooks.  By taking the workbook apart and customizing it so that it fits in my Big Happy Planner Happy Notes, I think it’s even more functional.  I can take my pages out to practice and then put them back in when I’m done.

Of course, I soon discovered (you’ll see a bit of my struggle towards the end of the video) that I’m not even at the level where I can work in my workbook, but when I am, it’ll be much easier to work out of and use.

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