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DIY Classic Happy Planner Layout Templates – Free Printables

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Happy Planner 2020 Release and the Planner Newbie

My friend Shary and I decided to a collab on own YouTube channels that gave planner newbies (or even planner veterans) some of our thoughts, tips, tricks, and hacks about various Happy Planner styles. Scroll down for Free Printables

With the Happy Planner 2020 release right around the corner, we thought that those new to the Happy Planner world may want some ideas on the different layouts that Happy Planner carries.  Or, for those who have been using one type of layout but was interested in other types of layouts, we thought this could be useful for them as well.

Collaboration Series with Plans_with _BlackDogDesigns

Every Monday in September 2019, Shary and I will load a video reviewing the same layout.  She’ll work out of pre-made planners and I will be making DIY versions of the same layout.   This way, you can see how Happy Planner has actually set up the layout as well as learn how to easily make your own.  I’m using a Happy Planner Happy Notes in the Classic size with dot grid paper)

Free Printables of the Layout Templates

In the DIY vertical layout video I did last Monday, I asked my viewers if they would be interested in templates for the layouts.  Quite a few said they would be interested.  Originally, I thought I could scan in my actual layout templates but the copy machine I was using wasn’t being cooperative.  So I put the layout dimensions in an excel sheet and then saved it as a PDF for people to print.  If you print it just as it is, it can be cut down to size to fit a Classic sized Happy Planner (or Happy Notes).


When I do the next video (Horizontal Layout), I’ll show how the templates can be used.

FREE PRINTABLE: MONTHLY, ACADEMIC, or VERTICAL LAYOUT TEMPLATE: Monthly, Vertical, or Academic Layout Template in Happy Planner Classic

FREE PRINTABLE: RIGHT SIDE OR HORIZONTAL LAYOUT TEMPLATE: Right Side Dashboard or Horizontal Layout Template


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