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Easy DIY Notebook: Use your 6 x 6 Paper Pad

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Paper Pad Fan

Hi, my name is Johanna and I love scrapbooking paper pads.  Whew… there, I said it.  Usually, it’s the 12 x 12 inch paper pads that I go for (especially double sided paper pads).  But for some reason, I have quite a few 6 x 6 inch paper pads.  I think that I’ve picked them up because they are cute but honestly, they aren’t really functional for what I use them for (my Traveler’s Notebooks).


Easy DIY Notebook

This is a really easy project that can be done with family, friends, children, large groups, or for craft fairs.  I’m sure I’m not re-inventing the wheel with this project but wanted to share it with you as I’m looking at using my stash. Although not mentioned in the video, you can also cut down 12 x 12 inch paper into four 6 x 6 inches pieces if that is what you have on hand.  Or cut down any piece of paper you have on hand.  The style and theme is only limited by your imagination (and the paper you have).

Supplies Needed:



  • You’ll need (4) sheets of coordinating 6 x 6 sheets for the inside pages.
  • You’ll need (1) sheet of coordinating 6 x 6 paper for the cover
  • You’ll need (1) sheet of coordinating 6 x 6 paper for the spine

Fold the inserts in half (pattern side inwards if you are using a one-sided pattern paper) taking care to keep track of any directional paper .  Glue the outside pages together.  Cut the cover sheet in half so that you have two pieces of 3 x 6 paper and glue to the outside front/back cover.  Cut a 6 x 1 inch spine and glue that to the outside cover to cover the exposed spine.

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