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DIY Mini Altered Composition Notebook and Traveler’s Notebook Cover – No Laminator Needed

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An Alternative to a Laminated Traveler’s Notebook Cover

In number eight of my #craftseries2019, I showed how to make a  B6 Traveler’s Notebook (TN), dashboard, and folder using my laminator.  However, that isn’t the only method that you can make your own Traveler’s Notebook (some call it a Fauxdori after the popular Midori Traveler’s Notebook).

To find the dimensions and materials used for the B6 Traveler’s Notebook, check out my guest post on

DIY Altered Mini Composition Notebook

In the first part of my YouTube video, I show you how I alter mini Composition Notebooks to match the TN cover using scrapbook paper, glue, and double sided tape.

Mini Composition Notebook covering:  Cut to 4.75 inches by 12 inches (I ended up cutting about an inch off to make my pocket a little smaller but I wouldn’t recommend that step until you’ve glued down the rest of the cover).

Once covered, you can make it as simple or as fancy as you’d like.  I ended up using my Happy Planner Simply Lovely Sticker Book to add some decorations.

DIY Mini Traveler’s Notebook Cover – No Laminator Needed

For the TN cover, cut your paper to 5 inches by 8 inches (this will give you a one inch spine).  You’ll want to score your TN at 3.5 and 4.5 in order to give you the area for the spine.


(You can find a complete list of materials in the description box of the YouTube Video).

FREE PRINTABLE: TN Cover Template: Mini Travelers Notebook Template_jojozahanna

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