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Make your own Planner Trackers 2020: Social Media, Wellness, & Reading

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I know that most people start the new year with lots of goals and resolutions.  Not me.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t thinking about them because I have been since September.

It just that part of my goals for 2020 was to make my self-care more important.  Rushing to set-up goals to have up and running by 1/1/20 seemed like too much pressure.  Why did everything have to be set in stone on the first of the year?

Instead, I’ve worked on some trackers that will be encompassed into my goals (spoiler: I haven’t written the goals down yet).

Check out my video where I set-up three trackers for my planner: Social Media, Wellness, and reading.  And although I did mine in my DIY Happynichi/ Skinny Classic Happy Planner/ Happy Bullet Journal, these ideas can be used in any planner system you are using.


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