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Journaling Challenge for January 2020

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Last year, I made myself a dupe for the Hobonichi A6 Daily planner using Happy Planner supplies.  My ‘Midi’ Happy Planner is bigger than a micro but small than a mini.

I made this ‘fauxbonichi’ because I wanted to have a dedicated space for journaling.  That lasted for a while but I fell off the wagon.

Set-up of my Midi Happy Planner Happynichi

For 2020, I definitely want to work on my self-care.  One aspect of that is to journal everyday.  I developed the #january2020journalingchallenge specifically to see if I could make it a habit.  I think I read somewhere that if you can do something for 21 days, it becomes ingrained.

So far, so good.  Unlike previously, I’m treating it as a brain dump/stream of consciousness time of thing.  Whatever I write is whatever that needed to be written.  No rules, no right, no wrong.

On my YouTube channel, I’ve been doing weekly check-ins and doing that day’s journaling on camera.  I turn on a timer for 10 mins, I turn on some music (for the viewers), and then I journal in real-time.  I invite you to join me while you journal in whatever system you have.


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