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Journaling Challenge 2020: Themes

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As my #january2020journalingchallenge is winding down, I realized two things.  1) I am enjoying the process. 2) I’d like to step it up a notch.

Therefore, I’ve come up with themes to take me through the end of 2020.  The themes were designed to be as broad or narrow as you’d like and you can do it for the entire month, partial, or not at all.  The only challenge is maintaining your writing.

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February Feelings:

Write about emotions, define emotions, use emojis, pros and cons of emotional/not emotional, the impact of emotions, poems about emotions

March Madness:

Write about things you are ‘mad’ about:  Mad can be seen as an aspect of anger but also seen as an aspect of obsession or crazy about something.  Or, you can write about basketball 🙂

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April Showers:

Write about water, rain, tears.  How do these things relate to emotions, journeys, blessings, or chaos of ups and downs.

May in Bloom:

Write about nature: the love of the outdoors, favorite trips, flowers, lakes, etc.  Or, if you are an indoor cat, how to do you get your nature fix without actually going into nature?

June Fun Days:

Write about things you like to do for fun.  Is that the same things you’d like to do as a child?  What would you do for fun if time wasn’t an roadblock? Or money? Or health?

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July Travel Dreams:

Write about travels that you have been on.  It could be literal travels to another state or country but also could encompass spiritual travels as well.  Where would you go if time wasn’t a roadblock? Or money? Or health?

August Summer Lovin:

Write about favorite summer memories.  What does summer mean to you?  Has your concept of summer changed and why?

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September Back to School:

Write about school memories (K – 12) or college.  Are you still a student and if so, what are your best and worst times?  Are you a teacher… how has that changed your perspective of back to school?  Do you have a children… how has that changed your perspective of back to school?

October Boo-tiful:

Write about Halloween memories or Fall memories or self-love.  How do you feel about yourself.  Does that change in the seasons?

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November is an Attitude of Gratitude

Write about times or moments that you are grateful for in your life.  But you can also write about times when you felt the pressure to be grateful or how you’d like to spread the gratitude throughout the year rather than focusing on the ‘attitude of gratitude’ during November

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December Baby it’s cold outside:

Write about winter themes, Christmas, or other holidays.  What sore of emotions does December bring?  Hope, joy, loneliness, despair, depression, fun, etc.?

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