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Monthly Fixed Expenses Tracker – Free Printable

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With everything going on with Covid-19, I wanted to share this free printable in the hopes that it might be useful to you, your family, or friends.

Paying Bills

I’ve always had the good fortune to be able to pay at least the minimum due on my bills each month, on-time.  For some, this seems kind of like a ‘duh’ statement, but I know that there are those who struggle with that task.  I was really late to the game and started sitting down in 2019 and being purposeful with my budget. I even documented a lot of it on YouTube.  But my way was always a bit different from most that I follow.

Tracking Bills in a Planner system

Although the majority of people I watch on YouTube tend to use their monthly overview in their planners to track their bills, my brain works in more of a list-maker fashion and everything scattered over the month would drive me crazy.  They way I pay my bills isn’t based on when the payment is due so much as when I plan on paying it.

I get paid twice a month and so I typically pay my bills (Credit card minimums, student loans, and iTunes charges) with my first paycheck of the month with the 2nd paycheck going towards household expenses and then whatever was left could go towards personal expense, cash envelopes, sinking funds, or savings.

Read through for the free printable

2020 has been a doozy

I started 2020 with some health issues and although minor in the grand scheme of everything going on now, was very mentally exhausting and financially very costly.  For a period of about 12-weeks,  I had twice weekly visits with nurses to change my dressing.  Each visit cost me vacation or sick leave hours as well as a $20 copay.  In fact, because of the twice weekly visits, I stopped doing cash envelopes as there wasn’t anything much leftover to use anyway.

Now with Covid-19, the unknown makes budgeting even more important.  The free printable is one that I use on a monthly basis to keep track of my monthly bills.  I’m hoping that you guys find this useful too!


CLICK HERE FOR FREE PRINTABLE: Monthly fixed expenses tracker printable


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