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#PJScavengerHunt2021 – List of prompts

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After watching Dani Buttons on YouTube, I decided to create my own scavengerhunt for those who enjoy planners and journals.  Whether you use these in your weekly spreads or create a new scavenger hunt journal, this ultimately should be a fun way to ‘scavenge’ through you items and perhaps even rediscover some of your treasures.

I thought it might be easier to compile the list of prompts for my #pjscavengerhunt2021 here.  I’ve also include the ‘rules’ if you can even call it that.  Enjoy the scavenger hunt and have fun!

Here are the rules


*(5) scavenger hunt items will be provided each Saturday.

*Your goal is to find the items in your stash (stickers, washi, stamps, stencils, magazines, scrapbook paper, hand drawn… etc.) and then compile the (5) items. Feel free to add more items and things!  You can also use as many of the prompts as you want!

*Whether you put it in a dedicated planner, journal, notebook, etc… that’s entirely up to you! If you want, tag me, share this, and just have fun! The sky (and your imagination) is the limit!


Tester prompts:  Bread, paperclip, yellow, person, shiny

#1 prompts: Tree, circle, word(s), pen(s), book

#2 prompts: Journal, animal, color, star, square

#3 prompts: Summer, blue, shape, ink, washi

#4 prompts: Vehicle, office supply, vintage, flower, date

#5 prompts: Pet, fave color combo, measurement, accessory, words

#6 prompts: Food, drink, party, rainbow, writing

#7 prompts: A number, RED, something found in the sky, sticker, a place

#8 prompts: Yarn, metal, light, ink, flower

#9 prompts: Water, purple, container, school, sweet

#10 prompts: Dinner, heart, ring, glitter, date

#11 prompts: Craft/Kraft, travel, dessert, bird, town


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