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#PJScavengerHunt2021 – List of prompts

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After watching Dani Buttons on YouTube, I decided to create my own scavengerhunt for those who enjoy planners and journals.  Whether you use these in your weekly spreads or create a new scavenger hunt journal, this ultimately should be a fun way to ‘scavenge’ through you items and perhaps even rediscover some of your treasures.

I thought it might be easier to compile the list of prompts for my #pjscavengerhunt2021 here.  I’ve also include the ‘rules’ if you can even call it that.  Enjoy the scavenger hunt and have fun!

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Journaling Challenge for January 2020

Last year, I made myself a dupe for the Hobonichi A6 Daily planner using Happy Planner supplies.  My ‘Midi’ Happy Planner is bigger than a micro but small than a mini. Continue reading “Journaling Challenge for January 2020”

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20+ Ideas/Ways to use your Happy Planner Notebooks

Happy Planner Happy Notes

I might have mentioned once, or twice, or a hundred times that I love stationary.  Back to school season (even though I’m not in school, a teacher, or have children in school) is one of my favorite seasons.  All of the pens, paper, markers, and notebooks!  It’s a stationary nerd’s paradise.

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February 2019 Challenge

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Having several planners that I work out of, I sometimes struggle with what to do with the Monthly overview.  I don’t really use it but I feel like I waste the space by not using it.  And if I fill it up with stickers, I feel like I’m wasting stickers.

I’ve seen others do monthly challenges and I thought that I would challenge myself by not only participating in one, but creating one myself.  Although I’m not in a relationship, I think that February can be a great month to focus on love.  Self-love and self-care are something I’m striving to be more mindful of so why not do a “Love is….” challenge.  The words listed below aren’t inherently about romantic love and that’s okay.  Link to a pdf of the list is below.

Although I plan to use this in my monthly overview box for each day, you can certainly use this in a bullet journal as well.  My plan is to write each word in the corresponding box and maybe even practice some lettering.  You could decide to use it in your weekly spread and use it as a journal prompt.  You could do a visual of each word and what it means to you.

Most importantly, this is supposed to be fun and interesting.  A way for you to think of the variances and nuances of love and how that can mean different things.  Enjoy the activity.  If some days you miss, don’t stress out.  Just have fun!

In my Instagram post, I have the instructions on how to participate… I’d love to see your posts and hope that you join me.  And one of my goals this year is to create one of these each month so if you have any suggestions on lists or challenges you’d like to see in the future, definitely leave me a comment on my Instagram account.

February 2019 Monthly Challenge_love isIG_ Feb 2019 Love is challenge.jpg

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52 by 20 Challenge| Happy Planner

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Happy Planner Odyssey

I started my Happy Planner Odyssey in October 2018. Prior to that, I had been watching countless videos on YouTube from #plannerbabes of all kinds: Happy Planner, Erin Condren, Plum Paper, Bullet Journal, etc. Having used an inexpensive generic, horizontal, spiral planner from Walmart for work for a period of time in early 2018 (it quickly became too much work to track the work), I realized that I really did want the ability to customize and remove/add paper to the Happy Planner.

In an intentional, albeit impulse purchase, I picked up a Happy Planner (big) one morning from a local Wal-mart. Intentional because I knew I wanted to buy one. Impulse because I had found a random one in their clearance section (and by clearance, it was $4 less than usual). For me, it was a sign that I was supposed to buy it.

Happy Planner Classic

A few weeks later, I picked up a mini Happy Planner (neither the Big Happy Planner or the Mini were in a style I wanted but the availability in Hawaii is extremely limited and I didn’t want to wait for something from Amazon) from another Wal-mart. I had already determined functions for both the Big and Mini planners but really wanted to ‘play’ in the medium size Happy Planner (the Classic).

Having no reason to buy one, I ordered an undated, Happy Planner Classic from Amazon anyway. I didn’t really know what I would do with it but I knew that I would think of something. Worst case scenario, I would feature it in a giveaway on my YouTube or Instagram (I really enjoy doing giveaways).

Inspired by YouTube

I might have mentioned I’ve watched countless videos on YouTube. Seriously, I barely watch TV these days. One weekend, I stumbled across a channel (hopefully I can find it) where the woman did a mock layout. I think she has a sticker shop and wanted to test/play with her most recent set. She knew she wouldn’t use the planner as she had others that were functional, but the entire planner was full of mock-ups.

What a revolutionary idea! But I couldn’t help think that it was wasteful – in her case, it made sense as a way to advertise her new sticker line without blatantly advertising her new sticker line. I don’t have a sticker shop. So what could I do to play but still be less wasteful?

Creation of 52 by 20 Challenge

My 52 by 20 challenge idea came from this… for 52 weeks, starting late October 2018 through October 2019, I would semi-decorate the planner but date it for the year 2020. But in a genius twist (at least I think so), I would feature it in a giveaway in early in November 2019. Just in time for the giveaway winner to use it for the new year. I truly love this idea!

At the time of this blog post, I’ve already completed 13 weeks of the challenge. I can’t believe that I’ve already completed 3 months worth of this planner. If you have been watching my video, you know that I have been heavily featuring the Spring section of the #squadgoal girls. So much so that I purchased a few additional books just so that I would have enough to last me through the challenge.

I upload videos about this challenge on a weekly basis. If you’re like me and want to play in the planner that you don’t really have a use for, I invite you to do your own #52by20challenge. And you don’t have to feature it in a giveaway like I am. I’m sure a family member or friend would love to have a planner that you spent your time and attention on.

Happy Planner Uses

I you have the person in mind, you could customize it to their tastes and needs. This would be a great gift for that young person in your life who may want something to help organize in a fun way. This would make a great gift for that new mom who may want to organize, plan, and have a pretty planner but may not have the time. This would make a great gift for the ‘kupuna’ (elder) in your life who may want a pretty planner but wouldn’t know where to start. This would make a great gift for that student in your life who might need some motivation to plan in a fun yet functional way. The possibilities are endless on who you could gift this too!


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Planner Babe Tag 2019

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Planner Babe Tag 2019

I was tagged by Tameka from Pastries, Pumps, and Pi to participate in the Planner Babe 2019 Tag and I have to admit, I was really reluctant to do this. I think there’s room enough in the planning community for all but I sometimes wonder where my place in all of this fits? Most #plannerbabes that I watch on YouTube are moms and wives, maybe working professionals, maybe stay at home moms, some even all of the above. Some speak of their faith on a regular basis, some do not. Some like the vertical layout while others stand-by the dashboard layout. You’ve got the Happy Planners, Erin Condren, and Bullet Journalers. I sometimes feel that I’m lost in the diversity yet sameness of the planner community.

Another part of my reluctance stems from the fact that although I can be quite the extrovert at work, personally tend to lean towards introversion. Couple that self-esteem issues and the thought of being on camera for any length of time is daunting. And scary. And terrifying. And something I’ve avoided (at least in a video. I’ve been known to take a selfie or hundred). It’s the biggest reason that I don’t do live videos.

Courage be thy friend

But I thought I’d grab the bull by the horns and just go for it. Maybe it’ll help my subscribers see me in a different light. Maybe it’ll help new viewers and potential subscribers who see someone who looks like them. Maybe I worry too much and should just take it easy on myself.

Regardless, I’ve done it. I’ve loaded it on my channel. And even though I should have filmed it horizontally to avoid the black boxes, I’m quite pleased with it. Although seriously, what is up with the hair??


Tameka’s Channel:

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*These are the questions from Krystal Klear Ideas Tag/Challenge:
Planner Babe Tag:

  1. What bag do you carry your planner in?
  2. How many planners do you actually use at one time?
  3. What is your planning routine? (Set the stage for us. Music, environment, day you plan, time, etc.)
  4. What snacks do you eat during planning?
  5. When did you start planning? Get introduced to the planner community?
  6. Life before planning! Productive or NAH?
  7. What is your layout preference?
  8. Do you prefer sticker kits or create my own spread?
  9. Do you prefer spiral, disc, or journal style planners?
    10.Favorite planner supply?
  10. Favorite area to plan? (Meal, Faith, Cleaning, Budget, etc.)
  11. Any funny planner stories?
    Wild Card Questions:
  12. What is your favorite planner tool?
  13. What is your planner goal?
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