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DIY Happy Planner Half Note Folder: Two Styles

Happy Planner Half Notes Folder

Happy Planner currently makes folders for their Mini, Classic, and Big size systems.  However, Happy Planner does not currently have a folder made for the Half Sheet Happy Notes.  Many people that I’ve seen on YouTube and Instagram have cut down a classic size folder and use that.  With the limited access to Happy Planner items in Hawaii, I don’t have any extra folders that I feel comfortable cutting.

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Savings and Goals Tracker + Free Printable

Goal Setting

I haven’t been the best at setting goals.  Actually, I’m kind of horrible at them.  I think it’s based on fear of not living up to my goals and the notion that I’d be doubly a failure.  So I don’t set them.  Or I make them so vague that it’s easy to accomplish.  Or I make them so specific that I already know that I can meet them.  However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t strive to set better goals.  I think for me, it helps if I can set goals but also have small wins as I progress through them.  I once read somewhere it’s like the Angry Birds or Pokemon Go mentality, the more you win (even if it’s small) the more you want to continue to win.

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Quick and easy creamy chicken taco casserole

Prep time: 10 minutes      Cook time: 10-12 minutes

Great weeknight dinner

On the weekends, I tend to cook things that take a little bit of time and preparation because I have more time to enjoy the process.  It can be as simple or elaborate as I choose and take a few minutes or a few hours.  However, if I factor in commuting time, my days tend to be 11-12 hours long during the work week.  After working full-time during the day and then sitting in traffic for hours, the last thing that I want to do is come home and make a complicated or time-consuming dinner. I have several go-to, quick and easy meals that I can prepare that are ready in 30 minutes or less.  However, every once and again, I try something new but still strive to have it done (including prep time) in under 30 minutes.

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Happy Planner and Hobonichi Page sizes

Planner Newbie

I’m still pretty new to the planner world.  I tried my hand at bullet journal late 2017 but it seemed to be so much work to maintain the spreads.  In October 2018, I took the plunge and purchased my first Happy Planner.  I’d always felt that I didn’t have much going on in my life to warrant a traditional planner but as I was trying to focus more on my social media and business, I thought I’d have more to track.  I’m so happy I took the plunge!  The functional aspect of a Happy Planner can not be overstated – being able to take pages in and out is such a game changer.  However, the added bonus of being able to create decorative spreads gives me the motivation to return to it again and again.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with my Happynichi.  It’s a planner system that is part Hobonichi Weeks, part bullet journal, and part Happy Planner.  You have the slim design of a Hobonichi Weeks; the freedom of a bullet journal; but the flexibility of a Happy Planner.  Being from Hawaii, none of my local stores sell the Half Sheet Happy Notes Notebook (which the HappyNichi is made of) from Happy Planner so I made my own of materials that I had on hand.  Because I also do YouTube videos, I found it a bit difficult to find the various sizes of Hobonichi and Happy Planner pages.  I wanted to do a really simple blog with that information in hopes that it might help others who are making their own products or accessories.

YouTube video: How-to DIY your own Happy Planner Half Sheet Happy Notes

Hobonichi Sizes

The Hobonichi system of planners originated from Japan and is becoming wildly popular with the U.S planner community.  There are three sizes and two styles of Hobonichi planners: Cousins, A6 Planner, and Weeks.  The Cousins and A6 Planners are done in the daily style while the Weeks is done in the planner style.  I do not own any of the Hobonichis but I heard the size,  portability, and paper quality of the planners are excellent.  Below you’ll find the sizes of pages for each of the various planners.  Please note: the cover sizes for the Happy Planner is usually about .5 inches wider than the page.

Hobonichi Cousins:  148 x 210 mm or 5.8 x 8.3 inches

Hobonichi A6 Planner:  105 x 148 mm or 4.8 x 5.8 inches

Hobonichi Weeks:  95 x 187 mm or 3.75 x 7.4 inches

Happy Planner Sizes

In 2015, the Happy Planner system was launched.  Two factors that I believe make it so successful is that 1) it uses discs and 2) the company’s endless array of planners and accessories.  The Happy Planner currently has four (official*) different sized planners and five different layouts (to my knowledge).   The disc count for each planner sizes are as follows:  Micro (4), Mini (7), Classic (9), *Half Sheet (9), and Big (11).  The various layouts that I am aware of are the horizontal, vertical, dashboard, academic, and monthly.

Happy Planner Micro: 3 x 4 inches or 7.62 x 101.6 mm

Happy Planner Mini: 4.5 x 7 inches or 114.3 x 177.8 mm

*Happy Planner Half Sheet:  4.125 x 9.25 inches or 106.172 x 234.95 mm

Happy Planner Classic:  7 x 9.25 inches or 177.8 x 234.95 mm

Happy Planner Big: 8.5 x 11 inches or 215.9 x 279.4 mm

(I’ve also made my own Happy Planner Midi which is a (5) ring system and 4.25 x 5 inches or 107.95 x 127 mm to emulate the Hobonichi A6 Daily Planner)

Happy Planner Midi

*I mention this since the Happynichi aka Half Sheet Happy Note is not a planner system Happy Planner currently makes and is part of their notebook line.

I hope you find this blog useful.  Since I generally make my own products and accessories, I find having all of this information at my disposal makes it easier for me to work on my projects rather than always having to hunt down the information.

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What is a “HappyNichi”?

Interesting question in the Happynichi Inspiration Facebook Group

In the Facebook Group that I recently created, HappyNichi Inspiration, one of the members asked what a HappyNichi was and I was quite intrigued.  Immediately, two answers came to mind.  But I’ll get into that in a moment.

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HappyNichi Inspiration Facebook Group

Planner Spread Inspiration

I prefer Instagram.  There, I said it.  I like the fact that most of the caption is hidden so I get to choose how much I want to read and really, it’s just about looking at the pictures for me.  If I want to know more about the picture(s) or if the caption is intriguing, then I’ll hit ‘more’.  That’s the main reason I don’t like Facebook.  There always seems to be a lot of drama.  TONS OF DRAMA.  Sometimes, the drama gets to be of reality TV proportions and I’m not here for it.

However, since I started my Happy Planner/YouTube journey, I find that Facebook can be a great place to get ideas and inspiration in my own planner journey.  Especially if you belong to Facebook groups.  I belong to several that deal with Happy Planner, Happy Planner Layouts, Bullet Journaling, etc.  Lately, I’ve been enamored of the Hobonichi Weeks and have watched tons of videos on YouTube.

Hobonichi Weeks

The Hobonichi Weeks is a yearly planner from Japan and has been around for quite some time.  However, it’s only blipped on my radar for a few months now.  I like that it skirts the functionality of a traditional planner system but provides the freedom of a bullet journal system.  The fact that there’s so many people showing their decorated layouts certainly makes it more intriguing for me.  However, there are some cons about a Hobonichi Weeks.   As I can only get it from Amazon, 1) it seems kind of costly since with shipping, it would run between $40 – $50 and 2) its in a book bound system and I’m pretty sure I would find that annoying.

Fortunately, based on a tip of Anika from YouTube (Anika’s Kreative Plans), she suggested I check out another channel,  Magical_Plans  who made her own ‘Hobonichi’ out of Happy Planner products.  Intrigued, I checked her out and I’ve been down the rabbit hole ever since on all things HappyNichi, Fauxbonichi, BujoNichi.  I’m not sure who coined the term HappyNichi, but I think its an appropriate term.

As with many things Happy Planner, I can’t source the Happy Planner Half Sheet Happy Notes here in Hawaii.  So I’ve made my own – I’ve included the video below.  There will be a series of videos as I make a variety of components for my HappyNichi.

HappyNichi Inspiration

Strangely enough, however, I couldn’t find a Facebook group for HappyNichi spreads.  Although I know zero about creating, moderating, or running a group, I decided to create my own.   Right now its a public group (I really need to research the pros and cons of having a public vs. private group) and I’m hoping if you’re going down the HappyNichi rabbit hole too, you’ll consider joining.  Lets go on this journey together!

HappyNichi Inspiration FB Group LinkFB Group: HappyNichi Inspiration


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DIY Half Sheet Happy Notes

Stationary Nerd

I freely admit, I’m a stationary nerd.  Actually, in general, I love stationary, writing utensils, and office supplies.  Lately, I’ve been really into my planner system and I love the flexibility of my Happy Planners.  Regularly, I use three different planners on a weekly basis.  In my Big Happy Planner, I track my Etsy shops, blog, social media and YouTube channel in a DIY Dashboard layout.  In my Happy Planner mini, it’s sort of my catch-all-on-the-go planner that houses a myriad of things.  In my DIY Erin Condren/Happy Planner Budget planner, I track my finances (to include personal and business numbers).

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Budget Friendly Planner Stickers

The (sticker) struggle is real

If you’re in the planner community, whether Happy Planner or Erin Condren (being the two I predominantly see), then you know that the struggle is real when it comes to planner stickers.  Either you have the money but the stock is low in your area (or just not available locally), or the stock is there but the funds are low.

I fall in the middle of that quandary… I have funds (although I should use it towards debt) but I cannot locally source Happy Planner items where I live.  Because I live in Hawaii, if I order through Michael’s, Joanns, Hobby Lobby, or Happy, not only do I pay regular shipping charges, but Alaska and Hawaii typically have additional shipping charges.  Perhaps I’m so used to but I really don’t want to have to pay for all that extra shipping.  I’d be okay paying shipping costs like any other customer from the 48 states, but as we have USPS locations here, I don’t know why I should have to pay more.  I enjoy decorating my planner so although stickers are not necessary to plan, they do inspire and motivate me to continue to plan.

My local Walmart has very minimal Happy Planner items and a local craft store has some of the older products but at a very high price.  As far as I know, those are the only two stores on Oahu that carry that product line.  I don’t think you can buy Erin Condren products on island but I’ve seen on Instagram that she does have brick and mortar stores in the mainland.

Instagram put these on my radar

A week or so ago, I saw a post on Instagram that showed some new sticker books from WalMart.  I didn’t get my hopes up as things I see on Instagram (even at a store located in Hawaii) doesn’t mean my area stores will receive the product.  Much to my surprise, I was able to find two of the sticker books.  I’ve done a flip through on my YouTube channel of the contents [warning, I’m really great at doing flip thrus].

Pen & Gear Sticker Books

The Pen & Gear Sticker books are a Walmart brand and according to their website, items are usually an in-store purchase only.  I’ve purchased other Pen & Gear sticker sets (sold in a pack of four on sticker glossy paper) and I thought they were okay.  For my purpose, the glossy stickers work best in my mini due to the size but only work with a ballpoint pen.

I didn’t have much hope to find the new sticker books and having purchased their stickers in the past, didn’t think they would be as awesome as Happy Planner stickers.  Boy, was I wrong. Although not sized for any of the Happy Planner sizes (mini, classic, or Big), I think the new Pen & Gear sticker books really work well with the mni and classic sized planner.  I’ll have a separate blog post on the comparison between these and Happy Planner stickers.  The stickers are matte, beautifully detailed, and a great value for your money.  I paid $7.32 for the 30 page sticker books and $3.12 for the 15 page sticker books.  I’ve seen others who paid $6.88 and $2.98 respectively.  The 30 page Happy Planner sticker books can run between $3.50 (on clearance at Joanns, Michaels, Walmart) thru $24.95 (at a local craft store).  To my knowledge, Happy Planner does not have an equivalent to the 15 page sticker book.

Stationary Aisle

If you go on your own hunt for these, please note, you’ll probably have the best luck looking in your stationary aisle near the notebooks.  That’s where I’ve found mine and others have had similar success in the same aisle.  You could also look near your store’s planner section and if all else fails, check out the scrapbook or craft section.

Check out my video and good luck in your pursuit of these beauties.  A definite recommend from me!


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DIY Happy Planner Happy Notes Notebook

beige wooden d i and y freestanding letters
Photo by on

DIY Happy Planner Happy Notes

I watch a lot of YouTube videos. Seriously, I watch more YouTube than I do
television or Netflix. Recently I came across Christy’s Plans YouTube channel
and she had a great hack to create her own DIY Happy Planner Notebook (I’ve included her video below). I’m sure there are other videos, but I really like how she used regular paper to create her notebook.  It looked really easy to do and was quite pretty as well.  She also has some other great hacks in her video as well.  I might have binged watched about half a dozen videos.

Hard to source Item

Because I truly love dot grid paper (honestly, if I could afford to only use
dot grid paperwork in everyday life, I would), I had purchased some Happy Planner Dot grid paper in the Happy Planner Classic size from Amazon (I can’t source it locally). I kept it neatly tucked away thinking I would add it as needed to my big happy planner, but I never really did. I can’t source the notebooks here nor any of the happy planner dot grid paper so I suppose I was keeping in safe because it was so scarce a commodity. 

Dot Grid Paper

My love affair with dot grid paper came from my first bullet journal, my hot
pink Leuchterm 1917.  I was never really a big fan of the traditional planner style since I didn’t think that I had enough to put into a monthly/weekly (which is pretty laughable since I have four ‘traditional’ planners now, so I thought a bullet journal would be a great way to make my own.  The paper in that journal is awesome and I was hooked.  I’m currently using my hot pink Leuchterm 1917 journal, but not in any way that a bullet journaler would approve (I apologize to those who watch the video below and see my crimes.  Honestly, it hurts me every time I do it but I’d rather commit this sin than let my beautiful journal go to waste).  And so my Happy Planner classic sized dot grid paper sat, safe but unused.

Inspiration to create a Happy Notes Notebook

However, when I watched Christy’s video on creating your own Happy Planner notebook, it inspired me to do my own version with things I had on hand.  At the very least, it would be an easier and more organized way to contain my paper.  I had some classic rings in my stash and unlike Christy’s method, decided to use a Target dollar spot file folder and contact paper.  I had some other classic sized paper as well and decided to keep it all together in one notebook.

DIY Tutorial on making your own Happy Planner Happy Notes Notebook

I did a DIY tutorial on the process which I thought was fairly quick and
easy (tutorials always make things seem like they take longer than they
actually do).  I might make more of these with regular notebook paper, graph paper, or watercolor paper.  Check out my video and definitely check out Christy’s (and channel) since I think both offer really good alternatives to purchasing a notebook especially if you already have things on hand or can’t get your hands on a ready made one.




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February 2019 Challenge

Photo by Pixabay on

Having several planners that I work out of, I sometimes struggle with what to do with the Monthly overview.  I don’t really use it but I feel like I waste the space by not using it.  And if I fill it up with stickers, I feel like I’m wasting stickers.

I’ve seen others do monthly challenges and I thought that I would challenge myself by not only participating in one, but creating one myself.  Although I’m not in a relationship, I think that February can be a great month to focus on love.  Self-love and self-care are something I’m striving to be more mindful of so why not do a “Love is….” challenge.  The words listed below aren’t inherently about romantic love and that’s okay.  Link to a pdf of the list is below.

Although I plan to use this in my monthly overview box for each day, you can certainly use this in a bullet journal as well.  My plan is to write each word in the corresponding box and maybe even practice some lettering.  You could decide to use it in your weekly spread and use it as a journal prompt.  You could do a visual of each word and what it means to you.

Most importantly, this is supposed to be fun and interesting.  A way for you to think of the variances and nuances of love and how that can mean different things.  Enjoy the activity.  If some days you miss, don’t stress out.  Just have fun!

In my Instagram post, I have the instructions on how to participate… I’d love to see your posts and hope that you join me.  And one of my goals this year is to create one of these each month so if you have any suggestions on lists or challenges you’d like to see in the future, definitely leave me a comment on my Instagram account.

February 2019 Monthly Challenge_love isIG_ Feb 2019 Love is challenge.jpg