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Monthly Fixed Expenses Tracker – Free Printable

With everything going on with Covid-19, I wanted to share this free printable in the hopes that it might be useful to you, your family, or friends.

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Monthly Budget-Revisited + Free PDF Printable

Monthly Budget – Revisited

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I recently started my own budget journey.  It’s a few months in and lately it seems that I keep taking baby steps.  Not in progress since I’m still overwhelmed with debt, but in understanding.  I did a blog (with a free printable) that outlined how I thought I would be doing my monthly budget.  However, as I’ve gone through a month, I realized that I need to tweak the process yet again.  It isn’t about aesthetics but rather, as I go through each process a couple of times, I realize what works and what doesn’t.  Its the natural progression for learning something new, but I’m impatient.

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