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DIY Happy Planner Happy Notes Notebook

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DIY Happy Planner Happy Notes

I watch a lot of YouTube videos. Seriously, I watch more YouTube than I do
television or Netflix. Recently I came across Christy’s Plans YouTube channel
and she had a great hack to create her own DIY Happy Planner Notebook (I’ve included her video below). I’m sure there are other videos, but I really like how she used regular paper to create her notebook.  It looked really easy to do and was quite pretty as well.  She also has some other great hacks in her video as well.  I might have binged watched about half a dozen videos.

Hard to source Item

Because I truly love dot grid paper (honestly, if I could afford to only use
dot grid paperwork in everyday life, I would), I had purchased some Happy Planner Dot grid paper in the Happy Planner Classic size from Amazon (I can’t source it locally). I kept it neatly tucked away thinking I would add it as needed to my big happy planner, but I never really did. I can’t source the notebooks here nor any of the happy planner dot grid paper so I suppose I was keeping in safe because it was so scarce a commodity. 

Dot Grid Paper

My love affair with dot grid paper came from my first bullet journal, my hot
pink Leuchterm 1917.  I was never really a big fan of the traditional planner style since I didn’t think that I had enough to put into a monthly/weekly (which is pretty laughable since I have four ‘traditional’ planners now, so I thought a bullet journal would be a great way to make my own.  The paper in that journal is awesome and I was hooked.  I’m currently using my hot pink Leuchterm 1917 journal, but not in any way that a bullet journaler would approve (I apologize to those who watch the video below and see my crimes.  Honestly, it hurts me every time I do it but I’d rather commit this sin than let my beautiful journal go to waste).  And so my Happy Planner classic sized dot grid paper sat, safe but unused.

Inspiration to create a Happy Notes Notebook

However, when I watched Christy’s video on creating your own Happy Planner notebook, it inspired me to do my own version with things I had on hand.  At the very least, it would be an easier and more organized way to contain my paper.  I had some classic rings in my stash and unlike Christy’s method, decided to use a Target dollar spot file folder and contact paper.  I had some other classic sized paper as well and decided to keep it all together in one notebook.

DIY Tutorial on making your own Happy Planner Happy Notes Notebook

I did a DIY tutorial on the process which I thought was fairly quick and
easy (tutorials always make things seem like they take longer than they
actually do).  I might make more of these with regular notebook paper, graph paper, or watercolor paper.  Check out my video and definitely check out Christy’s (and channel) since I think both offer really good alternatives to purchasing a notebook especially if you already have things on hand or can’t get your hands on a ready made one.




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Planner Babe Tag 2019

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Planner Babe Tag 2019

I was tagged by Tameka from Pastries, Pumps, and Pi to participate in the Planner Babe 2019 Tag and I have to admit, I was really reluctant to do this. I think there’s room enough in the planning community for all but I sometimes wonder where my place in all of this fits? Most #plannerbabes that I watch on YouTube are moms and wives, maybe working professionals, maybe stay at home moms, some even all of the above. Some speak of their faith on a regular basis, some do not. Some like the vertical layout while others stand-by the dashboard layout. You’ve got the Happy Planners, Erin Condren, and Bullet Journalers. I sometimes feel that I’m lost in the diversity yet sameness of the planner community.

Another part of my reluctance stems from the fact that although I can be quite the extrovert at work, personally tend to lean towards introversion. Couple that self-esteem issues and the thought of being on camera for any length of time is daunting. And scary. And terrifying. And something I’ve avoided (at least in a video. I’ve been known to take a selfie or hundred). It’s the biggest reason that I don’t do live videos.

Courage be thy friend

But I thought I’d grab the bull by the horns and just go for it. Maybe it’ll help my subscribers see me in a different light. Maybe it’ll help new viewers and potential subscribers who see someone who looks like them. Maybe I worry too much and should just take it easy on myself.

Regardless, I’ve done it. I’ve loaded it on my channel. And even though I should have filmed it horizontally to avoid the black boxes, I’m quite pleased with it. Although seriously, what is up with the hair??


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