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#PJScavengerHunt2021 – List of prompts

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After watching Dani Buttons on YouTube, I decided to create my own scavengerhunt for those who enjoy planners and journals.  Whether you use these in your weekly spreads or create a new scavenger hunt journal, this ultimately should be a fun way to ‘scavenge’ through you items and perhaps even rediscover some of your treasures.

I thought it might be easier to compile the list of prompts for my #pjscavengerhunt2021 here.  I’ve also include the ‘rules’ if you can even call it that.  Enjoy the scavenger hunt and have fun!

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DIY Happy Planner Vertical Layout |Collab with Shary for #FreshStartNewPlanner series

Happy Planner 2020 Release

Although I haven’t seen any sneak peaks on YouTube or Instagram, I’m fairly confident that within the next few weeks, we’ll see all the new January – December 2020 Planners and corresponding sticker books. Continue reading “DIY Happy Planner Vertical Layout |Collab with Shary for #FreshStartNewPlanner series”

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20+ Ideas/Ways to use your Happy Planner Notebooks

Happy Planner Happy Notes

I might have mentioned once, or twice, or a hundred times that I love stationary.  Back to school season (even though I’m not in school, a teacher, or have children in school) is one of my favorite seasons.  All of the pens, paper, markers, and notebooks!  It’s a stationary nerd’s paradise.

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DIY Happynichi Laminated Traveler’s Notebook Style Cover

Laminated Traveler’s Notebook Cover

I’ve been making Traveler’s Notebook covers for quite some time now.  I make covers for Mini Happy Planners, Starter Budget kits, and B6 Traveler’s Notebook sets for my Etsy shop.  However, the size of a Happy Planner Half Sheet (Happynichi) proves to be more challenging.  The challenge comes in because of the size of the Happy Planner, letter or legal sized laminating sheets don’t really work.

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DIY Crochet Bow/Flower Clip


I enjoy crafting and being creative.  I think I use it as an outlet as my regular, full-time job is so structured.  Over the years, my crafting projects have changed in scope and scale.  I used to love scrapbooking and Hawaiian quilting.  Now I am more into crochet and paper crafts.

I think the Do-it-yourself (DIY) aspect of crafting has always been fascinating to me.  I enjoy trying to figure out how to make things that I see on Pinterest, Instagram, and in stores.  Sometimes the drive to DIY a project is due to lack of sourcing the actual product (Happy Planner items are EXCEEDINGLY difficult to source here in Hawaii).  Sometimes the drive to DIY a project is cost.  Sometimes the drive to DIY a project is simply challenging your skills and creativity.


Since starting a YouTube channel several months ago, I’ve done several DIY projects revolving around the Happy Planner system.  I ADORE the disc bound planner system for one main reason:  the ability to customize your planner (and conversely) and your accessories.

A YouTube friend (Tameka from @pastriespumpsandpi )of mine put out a #MissMakerMarchChallenge (#MissMaker is a girl in the Happy Planner line-up).  Each week she would be doing a DIY project on her channel and put it out in the universe that if anyone was interested in joining, all they needed to do was use the #MissMakerMarchChallenge hashtag.  As soon as I saw her Instagram post, I knew I would be participating.

This will be the first blog post that highlights my ‘entries’ into the challenge.  Check out my YouTube Video below and follow along with my quick and easy tutorial.  I show how to make your own crocheted bow or crocheted flower and then turn it into a planner clip.

My goal is to have a blog post for each of the DIY projects I have on my channel.  I’ll list the supplies used as it’s easier to list things in a blog post than in the description box of my video.

Materials used in the video:
  • 4-ply yarn in any color (any weight yarn could be used but the thicker the yarn, the thicker the final results)
  • Crochet hook (I used a J, 6mm for tutorial purposes but I’d recommend a G, 4mm hook size)
  • Paperclip
  • E600 or super glue (as mentioned, a hot glue can be used but isn’t as permanent as E600)
  • Scissors
  • Optional:  Button or gem for crocheted flower center.

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DIY Happy Planner Happy Notes Notebook

beige wooden d i and y freestanding letters
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DIY Happy Planner Happy Notes

I watch a lot of YouTube videos. Seriously, I watch more YouTube than I do
television or Netflix. Recently I came across Christy’s Plans YouTube channel
and she had a great hack to create her own DIY Happy Planner Notebook (I’ve included her video below). I’m sure there are other videos, but I really like how she used regular paper to create her notebook.  It looked really easy to do and was quite pretty as well.  She also has some other great hacks in her video as well.  I might have binged watched about half a dozen videos.

Hard to source Item

Because I truly love dot grid paper (honestly, if I could afford to only use
dot grid paperwork in everyday life, I would), I had purchased some Happy Planner Dot grid paper in the Happy Planner Classic size from Amazon (I can’t source it locally). I kept it neatly tucked away thinking I would add it as needed to my big happy planner, but I never really did. I can’t source the notebooks here nor any of the happy planner dot grid paper so I suppose I was keeping in safe because it was so scarce a commodity. 

Dot Grid Paper

My love affair with dot grid paper came from my first bullet journal, my hot
pink Leuchterm 1917.  I was never really a big fan of the traditional planner style since I didn’t think that I had enough to put into a monthly/weekly (which is pretty laughable since I have four ‘traditional’ planners now, so I thought a bullet journal would be a great way to make my own.  The paper in that journal is awesome and I was hooked.  I’m currently using my hot pink Leuchterm 1917 journal, but not in any way that a bullet journaler would approve (I apologize to those who watch the video below and see my crimes.  Honestly, it hurts me every time I do it but I’d rather commit this sin than let my beautiful journal go to waste).  And so my Happy Planner classic sized dot grid paper sat, safe but unused.

Inspiration to create a Happy Notes Notebook

However, when I watched Christy’s video on creating your own Happy Planner notebook, it inspired me to do my own version with things I had on hand.  At the very least, it would be an easier and more organized way to contain my paper.  I had some classic rings in my stash and unlike Christy’s method, decided to use a Target dollar spot file folder and contact paper.  I had some other classic sized paper as well and decided to keep it all together in one notebook.

DIY Tutorial on making your own Happy Planner Happy Notes Notebook

I did a DIY tutorial on the process which I thought was fairly quick and
easy (tutorials always make things seem like they take longer than they
actually do).  I might make more of these with regular notebook paper, graph paper, or watercolor paper.  Check out my video and definitely check out Christy’s (and channel) since I think both offer really good alternatives to purchasing a notebook especially if you already have things on hand or can’t get your hands on a ready made one.




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Welcome to Jojoza Hanna

Aloha and welcome! My name is Johanna and I started this blog on 12/28/18 as a landing place for all the things I love to do: Making YouTube videos about planners, DIY tutorials, and items listed in my Etsy Shop. In a few short months, I’ve grown my YouTube channel to 100 subscribers. It’s a tiny milestone, but one moving in the right direction.

I also plan on blogging about my struggles with my Etsy shops. I have two shops that I started November 2017 and although one has done very modest sales, the other has had none.

My hopes for this blog is to document my journey with shops, my YouTube channel, my other social media and sometimes, life in general.

I want 2019 to be full of milestones, positivity, and growth. Join me and we can discover this path together!