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DIY Mini Half Sheet Happy Planner Accessories: Tear Pad & Skinny Mini Planner Insert

When I saw these Happy Planner Glam Girl Social Media Mini Note Pages, I was immediately drawn to the left side of the sheet.  However, I don’t use a mini Happy Planner and the sheet isn’t sized for my needs.

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20+ Ideas/Ways to use your Happy Planner Notebooks

Happy Planner Happy Notes

I might have mentioned once, or twice, or a hundred times that I love stationary.  Back to school season (even though I’m not in school, a teacher, or have children in school) is one of my favorite seasons.  All of the pens, paper, markers, and notebooks!  It’s a stationary nerd’s paradise.

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Happy Planner and Hobonichi Page sizes

Planner Newbie

I’m still pretty new to the planner world.  I tried my hand at bullet journal late 2017 but it seemed to be so much work to maintain the spreads.  In October 2018, I took the plunge and purchased my first Happy Planner.  I’d always felt that I didn’t have much going on in my life to warrant a traditional planner but as I was trying to focus more on my social media and business, I thought I’d have more to track.  I’m so happy I took the plunge!  The functional aspect of a Happy Planner can not be overstated – being able to take pages in and out is such a game changer.  However, the added bonus of being able to create decorative spreads gives me the motivation to return to it again and again.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with my Happynichi.  It’s a planner system that is part Hobonichi Weeks, part bullet journal, and part Happy Planner.  You have the slim design of a Hobonichi Weeks; the freedom of a bullet journal; but the flexibility of a Happy Planner.  Being from Hawaii, none of my local stores sell the Half Sheet Happy Notes Notebook (which the HappyNichi is made of) from Happy Planner so I made my own of materials that I had on hand.  Because I also do YouTube videos, I found it a bit difficult to find the various sizes of Hobonichi and Happy Planner pages.  I wanted to do a really simple blog with that information in hopes that it might help others who are making their own products or accessories.

YouTube video: How-to DIY your own Happy Planner Half Sheet Happy Notes

Hobonichi Sizes

The Hobonichi system of planners originated from Japan and is becoming wildly popular with the U.S planner community.  There are three sizes and two styles of Hobonichi planners: Cousins, A6 Planner, and Weeks.  The Cousins and A6 Planners are done in the daily style while the Weeks is done in the planner style.  I do not own any of the Hobonichis but I heard the size,  portability, and paper quality of the planners are excellent.  Below you’ll find the sizes of pages for each of the various planners.  Please note: the cover sizes for the Happy Planner is usually about .5 inches wider than the page.

Hobonichi Cousins:  148 x 210 mm or 5.8 x 8.3 inches

Hobonichi A6 Planner:  105 x 148 mm or 4.8 x 5.8 inches

Hobonichi Weeks:  95 x 187 mm or 3.75 x 7.4 inches

Happy Planner Sizes

In 2015, the Happy Planner system was launched.  Two factors that I believe make it so successful is that 1) it uses discs and 2) the company’s endless array of planners and accessories.  The Happy Planner currently has four (official*) different sized planners and five different layouts (to my knowledge).   The disc count for each planner sizes are as follows:  Micro (4), Mini (7), Classic (9), *Half Sheet (9), and Big (11).  The various layouts that I am aware of are the horizontal, vertical, dashboard, academic, and monthly.

Happy Planner Micro: 3 x 4 inches or 7.62 x 101.6 mm

Happy Planner Mini: 4.5 x 7 inches or 114.3 x 177.8 mm

*Happy Planner Half Sheet:  4.125 x 9.25 inches or 106.172 x 234.95 mm

Happy Planner Classic:  7 x 9.25 inches or 177.8 x 234.95 mm

Happy Planner Big: 8.5 x 11 inches or 215.9 x 279.4 mm

(I’ve also made my own Happy Planner Midi which is a (5) ring system and 4.25 x 5 inches or 107.95 x 127 mm to emulate the Hobonichi A6 Daily Planner)

Happy Planner Midi

*I mention this since the Happynichi aka Half Sheet Happy Note is not a planner system Happy Planner currently makes and is part of their notebook line.

I hope you find this blog useful.  Since I generally make my own products and accessories, I find having all of this information at my disposal makes it easier for me to work on my projects rather than always having to hunt down the information.

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DIY Happy Planner Mini Cover/Dashboard

beige wooden d i and y freestanding letters
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DIY Happy Planner Series

This is the 2nd of my Happy Planner Mini DIY series where I create coordinating covers/dashboards for the Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook-Style cover (I’ve linked that video below) that I made in a previous video.

In my YouTube video, I show a quick and easy way to make your own DIY Happy Planner Mini Cover/dashboard. I make a distinction between a cover and a dashboard because for some, these terms are interchangeable. I based this distinction on the actual Happy Planner Mini. For my purposes, I prefer to create covers to cover the entire front of the planner versus dashboards (think monthly dividers) however, I’ve left dimensions for both below depending on your preference.

Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook

Because the Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook-style covers may not always match the Happy Planner cover, I thought this was a quick and easy solution to that. Plus, I usually do the Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook-style cover and the cover/dashboards at the same time since the laminator I use is already on so it really does make for quick and easy project.

The measurements listed below are for one cover or dashboard. However, when I create my own, I typically make two although you could make as many as you’d like, especially since I find them very useful when making my Transformer style Happy Planner Mini. See my video below for my example on how I use my own covers to create my Transformer sections in my Mini Happy Planner. Since this is my on-the-go planner, I find this method very user friendly.

Blog post: Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook-Style Cover

Paper Measurements:

Cover: 7.25 inches by 5 inches (makes one cover)

Dashboard: 7 inches by 4.5 inches (makes one dashboard)

The links below are Amazon Affiliate links. By using the links, it doesn’t change your cost but I might earn a small commission – Win/Win!

Supplies Needed:

Video of Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook-Style Cover


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DIY Tutorial: Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook Style Cover (fits mini rings)

I love bullet journals. I love how you can customize them to fit your needs. I love the freedom of bullet journals. However, I hate doing monthly and weekly spreads. I know that some find that task enjoyable and almost zen, but for me it’s tedious and discouraging. For the latter part of 2017 and most of 2018, I dealt with that by NOT doing a monthly or weekly spread. That didn’t work for me.

In October 2018, I picked up my first Happy Planner (Big). I fell in love with the ability to customize it and the beauty of NOT having to sketch out the monthly and weekly layouts cannot be overstated. However, the size of my original Happy Planner was not conducive to portability and there’s just information that I need to carry with me on a daily basis. I decided to pick up the Mini Happy Planner and found one in a Walmart nearby.

However, that posed some problems as well. I worried that the rings would crack or pages would fall off if I threw it in my purse. Since I already make Traveler’s Notebooks for my Etsy Shop, it was easy for me to reconfigure that design. I came up with this Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook cover as a solution for that problem and I’m loving it. This tutorial is for the Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook Cover (Mini rings). I will be doing follow-up tutorial for the Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook Cover (classic rings). I think I might be able to do a Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook cover (expander rings) but I need to test that out. I also will be doing a DIY on the laminated coordinating dashboards that I create.

Happy Planner Mini Traveler’s Notebook Cover (mini Rings)

Paper Measurements:

  • One piece of 8 inch by 12 inch card-stock or scrapbook paper
  • One piece of 4 inch by 7 7/8 inch paper

Supplies Needed:

  • One piece of 12 inch x 12 inch card-stock or scrapbook paper (heavier weight is preferred. If you want your inside cover to be decorated, I would recommend a double-sided paper.
  • Legal Size Laminating Sheet: 9 inches x 14.5 inches (I used the Scotch Brand 3mm Legal Size pouch but I will be testing the 5mm pouch to see how that works. I wouldn’t recommend the 10mm pouch as it could be too rigid to bend properly):


Check out my YouTube video for the how-to and consider subscribing to my YouTube channel.

I’m new to Happy Planning, YouTube videos, and blogging so I hope you’ll join me on my journey!!